•   7 months ago

Flexible topic?

Hi there,
Do our projects need to specifically answer one of the below questions (from the website) or can we create a MVP which links waste and climate change for example, or ideas that are tied to helping the climate crisis?

Waste: Less than 9% of all plastics are recycled globally. Is there a way you and your team can come up with an idea to increase the recycling rate of plastics, whether in the USA or elsewhere?
Deforestation: Can you come up with a tech idea to track and disrupt deforestation? How might we track deforestation and the increasing number of trees being planted in the Amazon?
Endangered species: Tigers in Southeast Asia, rhinos in Africa. Animals are being poached, decreasing biodiversity. How might we use technology/AI to increase animal biodiversity?
Climate change: Can you think of how tech could help increase the lifespan of car batteries and assist battery-powered cars to go further? Can you think of ways renewable resources could achieve this?



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