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7 months ago

Girls in Tech : Hack for the Environment, Week 3 update!

Hi Hackers,

How did your first two weeks of The Girls in Tech: Hack for the Environment go? We hope they have been productive and that your project is progressing well.

A few reminders: 

  1. The Slack Channel is great – Join our Slack Workspace to find teammates, resources, and, more importantly, get some help from our expert mentors from Guidewire, Definity, TIAA, and McKesson – here.

  2. You can find challenges, info, and the submissions portal here.

  3. You can still find your team –

  • Looking for extra team members?

    • Introduce yourself in the #find-teamates Slack Channel

    • Let others know what project you and your team plan to work on and the type of support you’re looking for (i.e., UX Designers, Software Developers, Data Scientists, Project Managers, etc.)

    • Keep an eye out for Slack updates in case people reply to your thread.

  • Seeking a team to join?

    • Continue to post in Slack and reach out to other individuals who have indicated in the #find-teammates channel that they don’t have a team. 

    • Review the Devpost participants tab to find team members. (Not all participants joined the Slack Workspace.)

  1. Submit your project before the deadline – When you’re ready to submit your project, you can do so on Devpost here.


Best of luck,

Your Girls in Tech Team


If you have any questions about the Devpost platform, please reach out to their support team at, if you have any questions for us, shoot an email to if you have any questions, and someone on our organizing team will try to get back to you as soon as possible.