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6 months ago

1 Last Hour Left to Submit: Girls in Tech Virtual Hackathon

Hi Hackers,


You've got 1 hour to complete your submission for our 2023 Virtual Hackathon Sprint!


Please submit your project by 11:45 pm EDT on August 23 to be considered for our judging round. 

Submission Reminders

  • When you’re ready to submit your project, you can do so on our Devpost here.

  • You can submit your project as an individual (if you’re a female). Teams are also welcome to sign up in groups of three to five members, with the majority of the team being female. E.g., Team of 3 = 2 women + 1 man, Team of 4 = 3 women + 1 man, Team of 5 = 3 women + 2 men.

  • Need some last-minute help?

    • Join the Slack workspace. There are accomplished mentors there who are eager to help you.

  • Submission Requirements –

    • General Submission

      • Introduction

      • Purpose & Motivation

      • How does the application work?

      • How was the application developed?

      • How to use the application

      • Difficulties & Challenges faced during the design and/or development process.

      • Go-to-Market (How will the application be available to the public, and is it scalable?)

    • Video – please make sure the video is uploaded to YouTube or Vimeo, the settings are set to public (or judges won’t be able to judge it so that you will be automatically disqualified), and it’s 3 minutes or less

    • GitHub or other code repo link – please ensure that this link is publicly shareable so judges can access your project.

    • Provide images, screenshots, & wireframes of your project


Best of luck!

Your Girls in Tech Team




Email us at if you have any questions, or feel free to post on the discussion forum. If you have any platform questions, please reach out to